Month: March 2014

6 Things I’ve Learnt Working at the IT Show

So a week ago I decided to work at the IT Show. Well, my dad kept nagging at me to get a ‘proper’ job, and by ‘proper’ he means a job where there will be a boss scolding you. And partly, I thought it’ll be kewl to get out my comfort zone. I have a feeling that I’m getting too comfortable with the stuff I’m doing and my rising ego needs to be kept in check. There’s not much challenge anymore to keep my life exciting. Besides, there’s a lack of human interaction in my jobs. It’s just constant emailing and facing the computer for a few hours each day. My conversational English isn’t that great to be honest, so I thought I’ll go out there and improve on my speaking skills and find out how vicious is the dog-eat-dog world out there. Amongst all the friendships I made during the 4 days, I’ve learnt quite a couple of things as well along the way.