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I Do Not Stand With Ahmed

Photo by: Associated Press / LM Otero When news broke out that 14-year-old Ahmed Mohammed got arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, social media lit up in #Kony2012-sque proportions. Support for him has come thick and fast – as evidenced by the numerous #IStandWithAhmed hashtags – with messages of support streaming in from highly distinguished individuals and organisations; Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Twitter, Microsoft and MIT to name a few. I’m not going to lie, I was one of those rooting for him, albeit silently. It does sound stupid after all, getting booked for a science project he’s passionate about. Besides, it’s never nice seeing a young kid in cuffs. However, after digging a little deeper and glossing over the case a few more times, I can safely say my attitude towards the incident has completely changed, and here’s why. Just about race? Islamophobia is the word that this incident has been associated with the most. Cries of discrimination and unjust prejudice have been at an all-time high, with many claiming …

And All These Little (Irritating) Things

Isn’t it irritating when you follow a blogger but he doesn’t post consistently? Urgh. Totes annoying. Anyway, school has been pretty hectic thus far, with assignments and projects a plenty. There’s so much rushing, travelling and discussing among other things that time nowadays is pretty much like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar. Non-existent. I can only find some once in a while. But I really felt the need to blog, so throughout the month I wrote down the things that has been irritating me. I listed 15 of them and thrown in a couple of real-life stories/experiences in there, so hopefully ya’ll can relate to my pet peeves.

Perks Of Having A Weird (Sur)Name

According to data gathered by Statistics Singapore, approximately one out of 10 Chinese Singaporeans have the surname “Tan” making it the most popular Chinese surname in the Lion City. This was followed by Lim, Lee, and Ng. People who have them probably wouldn’t really stand out from the crowd, surname-wise, but they shouldn’t have any ‘issues’ regarding their names for at least, well, most parts of their lives. I can’t say the same for me though. As you may not already know, my name is Lhu Wen Kai (shocker), and I’m what they call perfection. Anyway, it’s not my name that’s giving me trouble. It’s my surname.

6 Things I’ve Learnt Working at the IT Show

So a week ago I decided to work at the IT Show. Well, my dad kept nagging at me to get a ‘proper’ job, and by ‘proper’ he means a job where there will be a boss scolding you. And partly, I thought it’ll be kewl to get out my comfort zone. I have a feeling that I’m getting too comfortable with the stuff I’m doing and my rising ego needs to be kept in check. There’s not much challenge anymore to keep my life exciting. Besides, there’s a lack of human interaction in my jobs. It’s just constant emailing and facing the computer for a few hours each day. My conversational English isn’t that great to be honest, so I thought I’ll go out there and improve on my speaking skills and find out how vicious is the dog-eat-dog world out there. Amongst all the friendships I made during the 4 days, I’ve learnt quite a couple of things as well along the way.

When The Haze Strikes

Most Singaporeans should know that in recent times, our lives have become a hell lot more exciting following the dramatic rise of our PSI levels. If the remarkable increase of citizens wearing masks that look like one side of a bra didn’t raise your eyebrows, and you’re still strolling along the beaches of East Coast Park, skipping and swinging your arms, singing The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun”, you might want to consider going for an eye checkup, although that really depends on whether you can make it to the ICU alive before that. McDonalds temporarily shut down its delivery service due to “safety concerns”, so I’m not sure if the paramedics and ambulances are allowed to leave the hospitals. Ah well, hopefully someone will see you gasping for air and attend to your distress call. Tough luck tho, knowing Singaporeans. They’ll probably take out their mobile phones first, and Instagram a theatrical image of you dying, with the caption, “Man suffocating. I think it’s because of the haze. Should I help… LOL. #park #sky …