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I’m Holding My Debut Solo Photo Exhibition “Facade: The Back Alley Collective”

I am very thrilled to announce that I’ll be holding my debut solo photo exhibition from the 7th of August to the 5th of November 2015. Facade: The Back Alley Collective is a series of 13 photographs that aims to unwrap the all-is-well but superficial facade of contemporary Singapore, presenting a multi-layered examination that complicates the world’s perception of the city-state. As the images explore local issues within a local context, I can’t think of a better place to exhibit than a hostel, where global audiences intersect, exchange stories, and explore our city-state. It will be held at Atelier@5footway.inn Project Bugis (10 Aliwal Street 199903, Nearest MRTs are Nicoll Highway & Bugis), and it’ll be open 24/7 for viewing. ARTIST’S STATEMENT In a global city where most things lack singularity, the back alleys of Singapore are distinct. Often overlooked, these neighborhood microcosms each possess unique personalities and features; the iconic green bins, the worn-down exteriors, and the people who use the alleys for a myriad of reasons. This hidden world alternates  between the dense, chaotic activity of …

Little Texas, Singapore

After such a heavy post the last time round, I figured it’ll only be right if I blogged about something more positive this time round. I’m also frustrated with myself for being unable to write an article that doesn’t exceed the word limit I set for myself everytime. It bothers me a lot, so this time round, I’m going to try a more informal type of writing, let the pictures do the talking and see if it helps with the word count issue. I recently (at the point of the first draft, which was two months ago) discovered this absolute gem nestled near the northern borders of Singapore. While Punggol Ranch isn’t exactly a downright doppelgänger of Texas, it does have many things in common, at least on a stereotypical level. With my ten-week semester break coming to an end, I got a bunch of friends (Imran, Aaron and ODS) together and stayed over at this gorgeous settlement for a night.

Social Media Didn’t Connect Me With People, It Ruined My Life

// Photo by Thong Vo I always wondered if people realise the irony when they call out advertising agencies and the oh-so-convenient “mainstream media” for their excessive use of Photoshop. We’re always talking about how unethical it is, how manipulative it is, how misleading it is. Perfect facial composition and fair skin encourage unrealistic comparison and pursuits of beauty, they say. Slim cover girls promote unhealthy body standards, they say. Topless models and scantily-clad clad ladies degrade women to being objects of sexual desire, they say. But the truth is, with the advent of social networking, almost everything around us has been Photoshopped, and it’s unsettling that many of us have not realised that. I‘m not a heavy consumer of social networks. I mainly use them to promote my works and share major moments with my followers and potential clients. I do, of course, scroll through my various feeds to see what the world and my friends are up to. The Pet Society and Restaurant City days are over, and it has been quite some time …