Month: August 2014

Please Give Me Boobs: When I Was Much Younger

I was stumbling thru my Twitter timeline one day when I stumbled onto this tweet: And this got me thinking, what did I want (or didn’t want) as a kid that I regret now? Pretty thought-provoking isn’t it? I got my dear friend cum relationship consultant, Naveena Menon to help me out with this post. Together, we compiled a list of 10 things (she did the first 6) I think almost everyone wanted (or didn’t want) as kids, but ended up regretting it when they grow up.

Happy Birthday Singapore! Your Sports Culture Sucks.

Before I start the article, I will like to note that most of the points I’m going to mention relate more to the sport of soccer, although they are still very much valid for the other sports. And before you start reading, check out this amazing arrangement of 7 NDP songs in a sad-sounding minor key by Vint Mint. Feel free to play it in the background as you read through this rather lengthy article. Kinda helps with the mood. At the recent Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland, our Singapore team fared admirably against worthy opponents from different parts of the globe. Joseph Schooling broke the national record in the Men’s 100m Butterfly Finals, clocking the 4th fastest time in 2014. Derek Wong became the first Singaporean to reach the finals of the Badminton Men’s Singles event, while Chrisnanta and Triyachart were the first Singaporean duo to reach the finals of the Badminton Men’s Doubles event. Shooters Jasmine Ser and rising star Martina Veloso performed brilliantly in their respective events, and our table tennis contingent brought home six …

Necessary Provisions x PasarBella

Before the new school term began, I went on a mini-outing with my campmates Jess, Wei Ting, and Cheryl to take a rare breather before the start of a stressful new term. Ironically, as it turned out, the second term is so much less hectic than the first. Anyway, they decided to go cafe-hopping, which I later found out that the hopping tour consists of only one stop. I needed to practice my color grading across a wide range of styles, so I decided to tag along and shoot some footage along the way. Here was our trip in about 4 mins, with some pretty calm music, depending on taste.   The following pictures of the trip are basically screengrabs of the video (because it didn’t once occur to me at all to actually use my DSLR for its primary purpose).