Piano Mashups

To revive my passion in music after a long hiatus out due to academic and freelance commitments, I have started a new personal venture where I mash up my favorite songs on the piano.

6. What Falling In Love Feels Like

A cover of one of the most surreal songs I’ve heard.

WFILFL Artwork (Professional, optimised)

5. High School Musical Piano Medley

High School Musical was huge part of my life growing up, so I thought this medley of 12 High School Musical songs was a perfect way to pay tribute to it.

HSM Medley Cover (Without Distortion, optimised)

4. 连名带姓, 有一种悲伤 (钢琴混搭)

A mashup of A-Lin’s 有一种悲伤 and A-mei’s 连名带姓.

连名带姓,有一种悲伤 (optimised)

3. Santa Baby, All I Want For Christmas Is You (Kitchen Instruments mashup)

Not entirely a mashup on the piano, but rather a cover made using items found from my kitchen.

2. You Are My Everything, Always (Descendants of the Sun Piano Mashup)

A piano mashup of the songs “You Are My Everything” (Gummy) and “Always” (Yoon Mi-rae) from the Descendants of the Sun OST.

You Are My Everything Artwork Alt 2

1. 那些年, 我们的小幸运

A mashup of 那些年 (from the movie 那些年, 我们一起追的女孩) and 小幸运 (from the movie 我的少女时代).

Na Xie Nian, Wo Men De Xiao Xing Yun (artwork cover 2)

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Thanks for listening!

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