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Ever since 2015’s General Elections, I’ve been creating videos that criticise and poke fun of our (ridiculously elitist and overpaid) government. Whether it’s through satire, spoken word poems, raps or parodies, I see my videos as a way of informing the public about the shortcomings of our politicians in an entertaining fashion.

“Local satire of the highest order.” – The Online Citizen

Every ‘episode’ is presented in a different style to push the boundaries of political coverage, be it satire, spoken word, raps, parodies or other formats not yet disclosed.

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1. To The Rich Kid Who Complained About Me Complaining

Focus: What are the problems Singaporeans face?

This is the first video of the project, and it was produced shortly after #GE2015 ended.

While airing my views on the elections, I was met with numerous elitist remarks, asking me to shut up and be grateful instead of raising my concerns. One particular netizen even left a thousand-word essay on one of my posts, making fun of poor people and criticising polytechnic and ITE students. After a surprise lop-sided victory in favor of the incumbent, coupled with the anger I felt reading those nasty aforementioned comments, I decided to pen a rebuttal piece, which eventually turned into a spoken word poem.

The lyrics can be found here.

2. If You Won’t Vote For Me

Focus: Why do people hate the PAP so much? Why are netizens always labelling them with terms such as “elitist”, “out-of-touch” and “living in ivory towers”?

I am officially unofficially running for a seat in the Parliament. Here is my maiden campaign speech.

I mean, I can always compile all the quotes into a blog post, but I thought a more impactful and relatable way would be to package into something most voters would understand – a rally speech. To fully capture the essence of bullshit, I strung together a 6-minute speech with 40 questionable remarks, in hopes that the 70% would understand the elitism, hypocrisy and dishonesty they’re advocating for.

The speech can be found by clicking here.

3. Ownself Check Ownself (Love Yourself Parody)

Focus: PAP had promised Singaporeans a better life after winning a “strong mandate” in #GE2015. What has happened since? How does the PAP actually “ownself check ownself?

A parody of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”, explaining, well, the act of ownself checking ownself.

This cover is meant to revisit what has happened since the Singapore public gave the PAP a “strong mandate” back in GE2015. I can’t reveal much or it’ll spoil the song, but see if you can spot familiar cameos by several iconic figures in the video :)

The lyrics can be found here.

4. Boo to PAP (PokéRap parody)

Focus: Has the PAP kept their promise on maintaining transparency and bettering the lives of Singaporeans? And oh, can Singaporean politicians belt a tune or two to save their lives?

I was looking through some of the memorable moments of GE2015, and the one that stands out the most has to be (insert name)’s epic “Boo to PAP” rant (to say its epic is a severe understatement). Coupled with the hype of Niantic’s Pokemon Go, I decided to play around with the names of the original PokeRap and add a little rap of my own in the middle.

The lyrics can be found here.

5. Spanish Tourist’s Thoughts On Singapore’s Presidential Elections

Focus: Did the PAP really want a minority candidate in power, or was it just a convenient move to cover up their sinister agenda?

I’m sure many Singaporeans were shocked at the events leading up to the Presidential Elections 2017, where most of us couldn’t even vote as there was only one candidate on the ballot – PAP’s Halimah Yacob. The justification given by the government was laughable to say the least, and even the majority of the population could sense the hypocrisy oozing out of their ivory towers.

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