To The Rich Kid Who Complained About Me Complaining

A poem I wrote about checking your privilege, in response to some of the extremely elitist remarks made by people around me over the weekend. This is not meant to be a complaint directed to rich people, only the snobbish ones who dismiss the frustrations of the not-as-fortunate ones.

Not exactly the best person to recite this, but there were some words I couldn’t hold no longer, so I decided to give it a go myself instead.


Your living expenses is sibei swee,
all your friends are thinking “if only it was me”.
Relax, your incurring debt, you see,
is non-existent, like the one in AHPETC.

Poverty in Singapore,
is a reality you can’t accept.
Meals with single-digit price tags?
Screw that, they are a foreign concept.

Ask and you shall receive.
Your achievements never flatter to deceive.
I’m sure nothing was handed to you on a plate,
btw, please help me say hi to your maid.

Train breakdowns occur so “let it be”,
for it happens when we commute on the MRT.
Maybe I’m wrong so pardon me,
but don’t you travel via CTE?

Disrupted 100 times since two oh one one,
could have been worse, could have been hundred and one.
But Daddy will pick you up at 8am, you’re his dear son,
of course you’ll expect to be treated like Kim Ill Sung.

Foreign talent are arriving out of the blue,
400 million worth of scholarships, infiltrating our schools.
Thank your lucky stars that a job is reserved for you,
for you could be jobless like Lui Tuck Yew.


You had the best the moment when you were born,
going places most wish they could have gone.
British Council, Mindchamps, and not forgetting Kumon,
anything else, you’ll probably say dream on.

Who cares about the rising healthcare costs,
with money, an A1 ward and a private GP would be yours.
If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll even lend you a Macintosh,
pai seh, we should have known you were this posh.

Why should you worry about the COE?
I mean, after all, how expensive can a Ferrari be?
In the event you don’t feel so flashy,
just raise out your hand and yell, Taxi, Taxi.

SIT, BTO, MUP & our VDs.
Oops, forgot you live in landed property.
Worrying about the cost of a HDB?
Come on, you got to be kidding me.

Why should you care about the CPF,
when god knows the amount of cash you can access.
By the time you’re 55, 65 or 75,
dare I say you’re already living the (high) life.

Depressed wages are none of your concern,
why should the government chut any pattern?
Should we implement minimum wage before we all go mad?
Forget it, what in the hell is that?

Increasing your taxes? It makes no sense.
I’m sure the pressure for you will be too immense.
But in your wallet, there wouldn’t be any dents.
Simply put, you’re not in the 99 percent.

And why is there a problem with 6.9 million?
Can’t you just migrate, isn’t that brilliant?
Hold up, can I just offer my humble opinion?
Because unlike you, I’m just an ordinary civilian.

You seem to think with your will, hard work and dedication,
you achieved happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.
If your heart weren’t as cold as the air-condition,
perhaps you’ll empathise more with the population.

Whining and moaning does not mean we’re ungrateful,
it certainly doesn’t qualify as being outright hateful.
People usually complain because they’re frustrated,
and maybe you would see that if you’re not such a bigot.

Studying subjects with no use in the future,
the kids won’t enjoy their learning, I know that’s for sure.
No room for failure, in exams full of regurgitation,
maybe the subjects should be disbanded like that One Direction.

Told by many they don’t do well it seems,
gifted non-academically, shouldn’t they still pursue their dreams?
You think ITE and Poly students are straight-up suckers,
have you think that maybe you’re wrong, motherf*****?

People toll and toll for fourteen hours straight,
only to realise their pay cheque will probably be late.
It’s okay, you can have the last one, she said,
and he replies, No, just eat. I will patiently wait.

Back then when we still had SARS,
Singaporeans were still the stars.
Unnecessary (overload) FTs came thick and fast,
demoting us to supporting cast.

Working like dogs for 50 years,
can’t even retire without any fear.
What can they do besides working for a lower price?
Even the government thinks it’s a “form of exercise”.

The incumbent’s speeches left me in awe,
for they sounded exactly like my mother-in-law.
Gossip, attacks, and gutter politics,
why would you want someone that acts like a d***?

Mouse in the house, the opposition sucks?
Then what about Mr Teo Ser Luck?
The government’s quality is not in decay?
Take a good long look at (Mr) Lim Swee Say.
And just when you think the worst has been seen,
oh god wait till you meet Ms. Josephine (Teo).
The government should serve us, not the other way around,
can someone get this (mindset) into those bunch of clowns?

I better stop sprouting all this information,
who knows? I might get sued for defamation.
A first world country with minimal press freedom,
even South Africa is ranked higher just for comparison.

Get down from your high horse and ivory tower,
I’m sure life down here would be slightly more sour.
Do you honestly feel that my criticism stinks?
Well, frankly, I really don’t care what you think.

The poor don’t pretend to know what the rich are thinking,
so don’t act like you understand how the poor are feeling.
Stop being condescending and check your privilege,
cause your attitude right now is worse than garbage.

Take ownership and don’t blame your faux pas on a glitch,
your sense of self-entitlement should indeed be ditched.
The words coming out from a spoiled brat like you?

I can only say damn your shit is real rich.

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