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The Things I’m F***ing Good At Isn’t In My L1R5

The O-Levels isn’t an exam that objectively decides who’s the smartest, but rather, who can memorise the best.



Remember the graduation video I was telling ya’ll about in the previous post? Yeap finally got everything exported proper and uploaded. It has always been my dream since Secondary 1 to have my work presented to my school mates. On the last official day of Secondary School, this wish of mine finally came true and I got to show the graduation video to about a strength of 900. It’s pretty darn special because film-making has been my passion for a really long time and it’s so surreal that my first short film (that’s not created for academic purposes) was received by such a big audience. I was kinda feeling a li’ll scared because the color projected on the screen in the hall was way different that what we’re seeing on our computers, so the intended feel and tone of the video was gone. The color contrasts and combinations were not as prominent anymore, making the video lose quite a fair bit of its aesthetic appeal. But as the video went out many people started laughing …

Friendships and Graduation

FRIENDSHIPS So after 4 years worth of memories it’s finally time to insert the period. It has been an exhilarating and scintillating ride of self-discovery, continuous learning and maturing throughout this third of a dozen years. But after all the “negative b plus or minus the square root of b square minus 4 ac over 2a”s, I realised something, that friends are so much more important than finding the roots of a stupid parabola, which doesn’t even exist sometimes. The friendships forged and bonded among our school community is something that I’ll treasure and never be able to forget. In these four years, people come and go, The people who you talk to everyday, share your worries, your sorrows, your happy experiences, they’ll just suddenly camouflage into the color of the air. However, there will also always be the people who will stick by your bloody side no matter how big of a grave you’ve dug or how deep of a shit you’re in. They’ll somehow be able to tell when something isn’t right in your …

How Unpunctual Teachers Screw Up My Life

With teachers gradually losing their grasp on the concept of punctuality and abilities to keep track of time, the painful sight of long queues that greet you after climbing down 10 blocks of stairs has become more prevalent as the year goes on. Recess was supposed to be a time of relaxation. It’s supposed to be a time when we catch up with our friends, find out what nonsense they were up to, and how screwed up their lives are etc. Nowadays, most students spend the majority of this rare period of freedom, queueing up for (in my case), excessively overpriced, immensely undersized food. It is extremely heartbreaking to see how our dear recesses are being eaten up (no pun intended) by various teachers whose “Let me finish this question” requires a severely underestimated 10 mins. A simple “What’s 1+1?” question can lead to this huge amazing miraculous life story on how Tom-worked-so-hard-and-finally-achieved-his dreams. I mean, don’t get me wrong I feel great for whoever Tom-guy this teacher’s talking about, but with all due repsect, you releasing the class on …