Boo to PAP (PokéRap Parody)


Teo Chee Hean, Amrin, Low Yen Ling, Melvin
Pin Min, Ho Pin, Xue Ling, Josephine.
Janil, Rahayu, Seah Kian Peng, Chee Meng,
Ang Wei Neng, Wu Meng, Baey Yam Keng, Chan Chun Sing.

Boo to, boo to, boo to PAP, Pay and Pay!
This is a parody, so don’t sue me,
because unlike you, I don’t make so much money.

Chian Hsing, Zainal, Sam, Darryl,
Alex, Halimah, Yaccob, Cheryl.
Wee Kiak, Teo Ser Luck, Mee Har, Liang Eng Hwa,
Ong Teng Koon, S, Ong Ye Kun, Heng Ah!

Boo to, boo to, boo to PAP
Gotta vote ’em out, PAP!

Faishal, Chia Shi-lu, Chee How, Desmond Choo,
Li Hui, Grace Fu, Patrick Tay, Cedric Foo.
Joan, Wendy, Thiam Poh, Sitoh,
Heng Swee Keat, Chee Hong Tat, Son of Punggol.

Boo to PAP, boo to PAP, yeah!
Boo to PAP, boo to PAP, yeah!
Gotta vote ’em out, PAP!

Vikram, Shanmugam, Henry, Zaqy,
Indranee, Amy, Saktiandi.
Vivian, Charles, Lily, Murali,
Maliki, Ang Hin Kee, Hara-kiri.

We don’t want part-time MPs like that Murali,
on limpeh’s count of three let’s shout boo to PAP!

Their lies grow bigger like cracks on the MRT,
I didn’t tell you, cause I don’t want you to panic,
Wah your excuse sibei solid like Titanic!

听说我们的 economy is on the way to Greece,
eh 你 overbudget by 283 million dollars please!

Elections over 我才懒得帮你了,
with you for you 你 gong simi lanj***!
Just vote for us don’t ask me why,
stop f***ing us we are not your pund**s!

Promises, commitments and a tall order,
aiya see you later, we just go relak one corner.
Why you overspend? You don’t so kaypoh can?
Wah piang leh PAP really thumbs up man!

Hng Kiang , Boomz, Kate Spade, Jessica,
Yo Shyan, Biow Chuan, Christopher, Fatimah.
Louis, Lee Bee Wah, Desmond, Tharman,
Eng Hen, Kee Hiong, Lawrence, Chut Pattern.

“We’re almost home!”
Boo to PAP, boo to PAP (yeow!)
Boo to PAP, boo to pap (huaw!)
Gotta vote ’em out, PAP.

Blame Culture, Cut Queue,
Masagos Zulfikli bin Masagos Mohamad.
Edwin Tong, Goh Chok Tong,
Intan, Dishonorable son
(that’s all folks we’re done!)

Boo to, boo to, boo to PAP (ooooh)
Gotta vote ’em out, PAP…
Boo to, boo to, boo to PAP (ooooh)
Gotta vote ’em out, PAP…
Boo to, boo to, boo to PAP (ooooh)
Gotta vote ’em out, PAP!

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