Month: December 2014

The Great Woodlands Industrial Food Run (Cheapest Sashimi, Cakes, Ice Cream, Poultry & Desserts in Singapore)

As promised, to close off 2014, I’ll be writing a little food guide to help you guys prepare for your New Year countdown party.  Industrial parks aren’t traditionally known for their food charm. Rustic, probably, but food, not really. However, the reality could not be further from the truth, as industrial parks are probably the best hidden gems of Singapore, with each featuring rows and rows of wholesale food factories that sell their delectable goodies at an absolute bargain. I live in Woodlands, and for the past two years my dad have been bringing my family on trips to the food haven that’s concealed amongst the dull looking buildings and factories in Woodlands Industrial Park, just a mile away from where I reside. Since the new year is rapidly approaching, I thought it’ll be a great time to let you guys in on some of Singapore’s best kept secrets which will hopefully help ya’ll out during your next party or event.

3 Days A Capsule: A True Singapore Staycation For $200

With the impending term break rapidly approaching at the end of the week, I thought it’ll be a good idea to take the weekend off and spend some quality alone time, alone, and kinda explore the heritage areas of Singapore and immerse myself in places I’ve never been to before. I’ve been constantly complaining about my country and how dull and uninteresting it is compared to other more photogenic and less mainstream places in other countries for quite some time now, so, I figured, maybe if I want to actually enjoy being in this cramped, dense, tiny island, I should be a tourist in my own country and experience the sights and sounds here like how a tourist would. No matter how many problems and uncertainty Singapore is facing, tourists seem to love Singapore and embrace it like how the PAP embraces bleach. For my international readers, may this article serve as a guide the next time you guys decide to backpack over to our garden city (it’s not a joke, the amount of greenery here is scary). I’ll not be talking about the overexposed …