Month: May 2015

Little Texas, Singapore

After such a heavy post the last time round, I figured it’ll only be right if I blogged about something more positive this time round. I’m also frustrated with myself for being unable to write an article that doesn’t exceed the word limit I set for myself everytime. It bothers me a lot, so this time round, I’m going to try a more informal type of writing, let the pictures do the talking and see if it helps with the word count issue. I recently (at the point of the first draft, which was two months ago) discovered this absolute gem nestled near the northern borders of Singapore. While Punggol Ranch isn’t exactly a downright doppelgänger of Texas, it does have many things in common, at least on a stereotypical level. With my ten-week semester break coming to an end, I got a bunch of friends (Imran, Aaron and ODS) together and stayed over at this gorgeous settlement for a night.