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Movie Review: Wei Ling v Hsien Loong

The associate editor of Singapore’s largest broadsheet isn’t looking forward to dealing with yet another media shitstorm – the fourth in merely a fortnight. “Well, at least this doesn’t involve fences and walking timebombs”, he offered a meek chuckle.

Mom, Dad, I Got Something To Tell You: Things We (Teenagers) Wouldn’t Tell You (Parents)

Hi Mom & Dad! I wouldn’t tell you about that time I got into an argument with my friend, because all I’ll get is stick for not swallowing my pride, when the truth is that he betrayed me and stabbed me in the back, a bit like Hitler and Stalin, except that my friend’s tadpole sanctuary isn’t partially demolished. Yet. I wouldn’t tell you about that time I splurged on that game I really wanted, because all I’ll get is a lecture on the importance of saving up, and how much financial trouble I will be in if I don’t work hard in school, when in reality, you promised I could have it a few months ago. How would you feel if I decided to so-called “change my mind” when my head was sticking out of your (censored; sorry if I didn’t censor it MDA wouldn’t allow this blog post to be shown in Singapore… ya’ll will need to go to Malaysia to view it) 16 years ago? I wouldn’t tell you about that time I got a girlfriend, …

Please Give Me Boobs: When I Was Much Younger

I was stumbling thru my Twitter timeline one day when I stumbled onto this tweet: And this got me thinking, what did I want (or didn’t want) as a kid that I regret now? Pretty thought-provoking isn’t it? I got my dear friend cum relationship consultant, Naveena Menon to help me out with this post. Together, we compiled a list of 10 things (she did the first 6) I think almost everyone wanted (or didn’t want) as kids, but ended up regretting it when they grow up.

And All These Little (Irritating) Things

Isn’t it irritating when you follow a blogger but he doesn’t post consistently? Urgh. Totes annoying. Anyway, school has been pretty hectic thus far, with assignments and projects a plenty. There’s so much rushing, travelling and discussing among other things that time nowadays is pretty much like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar. Non-existent. I can only find some once in a while. But I really felt the need to blog, so throughout the month I wrote down the things that has been irritating me. I listed 15 of them and thrown in a couple of real-life stories/experiences in there, so hopefully ya’ll can relate to my pet peeves.

Perks Of Having A Weird (Sur)Name

According to data gathered by Statistics Singapore, approximately one out of 10 Chinese Singaporeans have the surname “Tan” making it the most popular Chinese surname in the Lion City. This was followed by Lim, Lee, and Ng. People who have them probably wouldn’t really stand out from the crowd, surname-wise, but they shouldn’t have any ‘issues’ regarding their names for at least, well, most parts of their lives. I can’t say the same for me though. As you may not already know, my name is Lhu Wen Kai (shocker), and I’m what they call perfection. Anyway, it’s not my name that’s giving me trouble. It’s my surname.