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  1. Hey Wenkai,

    I just read your recent post on PSLE.

    I appreciate your strength in the language and your extensive vocabulary, however, some I have some feedback for you that you perhaps would like to take into consideration.

    It’s great that you know many words, but in your writing it feels like sentences are being too crammed up with cheem vocab to the point that it’s hard to read. It doesn’t feel fluent – it feels like you think of a regular sentence, insert the best and most cheem synonyms you know, and bam, the entire sentence is filled with good words.

    If you bombard the reader with cheemology, it affects your ability to tell a story because the reader is spending most of his time deciphering the meaning of words. Then it’s hard to bring focus to your main point.

    Good writing does not mean good words. Good writing does not need good words. That is true only in secondary schools where they grade you for vocabulary. But the world doesn’t grade you for vocabulary. They judge you for your ability to bring a point across. Vocabulary is just a plus point, and better if used in moderation. To be blunt, your writing feels like a typical model secondary school essay that a teacher would give a full mark for. But it doesn’t feel like one readers would bother to stop and read and think, “Wow. I get the point, it hits all the right spots. This is magical, this is life-changing, and it’s simple.”

    I believe good writing focuses on captivating a reader. It’s done by appealing to their emotions, in such a way that it makes your issue feel relatable to their personal lives. Instead of overusing words, perhaps you can better construct your writing by making it feel less robotic and more passionate. Incorporate more of your personal feelings. Use powerful and simple sentences. Not too much vocab, and you will soon find yourself enthralled with your own writing.

    I am new to your blog and your writing. I admit I only read your most recent post and may be too quick to judge. However, I will appreciate if you take my feedback into consideration, and as a friendly gesture to help you. It is constructive criticism and in no way meant to be degrade you. Your have good ideas, and you are very confidently outspoken. I saw your rap(?) about the PAP few months back and it really is a commendable production. I hope you make it far. :))

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