Ethics Statement

Lhu started out as a humble platform for me to pen down my personal thoughts on issues around me. Through the years, it has transformed into an unexpected content collective, with numerous articles discussing food, lifestyle, unpopular opinions and current affairs. Readership has grown rapidly despite it being a personal, ‘casual blog’ (not updated frequently) – something I am forever grateful for – and with that, many opportunities have come knocking; one of them being media invitations.


My views, thoughts and opinions expressed are in no way swayed or influenced by any form of monetary compensation, in-kind products, and/or complimentary services. They are solely based on the veracious thoughts of the author. If I have received any of the three things listed above, I will explicitly mention that at the start, or in some cases, in the relevant paragraphs of the article. I do not guarantee, that by providing me with any forms of compensation, I will give you a favorable review or positive reporting. I pride myself on writing honest, insightful, thought-provoking, and entertaining content, and betraying the trust of my readers is currently (and never will be) on my agenda. Every post that’s churned out on Lhu seeks to uphold the highest level of quality and integrity, and no amount of money and bootlicking will change that very mission.


All parts of this blog – videos, images, and written words – unless otherwise noted, are created and copyrighted by me for my audience’s personal consumption. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of noted copyrighted material without prior written permission from Lhu Wen Kai (Owner) is strictly prohibited (and very much frowned upon). This includes reprinting and reposting (oh god how low do people go) any parts of any items in either online and offline sources.

Links to any page on this blog are greatly appreciated. Single photos are allowed for reuse; provided watermarks are still visible and full, clear credits (Photo courtesy of Lhu Wen Kai ( / link of post or page)) are given. You are also allowed to reposting any of my posts via WordPress’s repost function on your own WordPress blog. Not copy and pasting, but ‘retweeting’ it.


I do run ads using WordPress’s WordAds service, and as such, I have no control over what is being displayed to my readers. Although it pays horridly, whatever income (if any) earned from these ads are used to recover incurred expenses and support domain and design costs of this blog. (Btw, if you have learnt something from this blog, or just enjoy reading my posts in general, I’ll greatly appreciate if you can donate a dollar or two to keep it going.)


Comments, no matter how rude, hateful, or disagreeing you may be, will never be removed. I’ve always advocated about the dangers of censorship, and it’ll be ironic to do exactly just that… on my very own blog. However, in the event of a personal attack – directed at the author or any of my readers – they will be removed without hesitation. Likewise for comments containing bigoted and insensitive remarks. Expletive-laden comments might be edited (to remove the swear words), and as such, I strongly urge you to express your points in a more civilised manner.

If you wish to seek clarification, or to license my content, please feel free to drop me an email at If you wish to invite me to an event or are interested in working with me on creative solutions, please feel free to discuss them with me at Alternatively, you may wish to use the form located on the Contact page if it’s more convenient.

Thank you!