Month: April 2014

5 Types of People You Should Totally Hang Out With To Be Happy

If you haven’t read the first instalment of this series, here it is: 5 Types Of People You Should Avoid To Be Happy. Hmm, after reading about the five types of people you should avoid to be happy, I decided that it is only be logical to write an article about the opposite, that is five types of people you should hang around with in order to be happy. As mentioned in the previous posts, good friends are really important to have, because they really help you in so many aspects of your life. As you will find out later, true friends are your biggest fans, your listening ears, and your guidance in life. Nice, caring, thoughtful, amusing and charming are some of the words used to describe me. Also, as mentioned in the previous article, I really like three paragraph intros, and I tend to use exactly three paragraphs before I start introducing my lists proper. And I suck at Maths.