Year: 2016

Why Should The Media Care When You Don’t?

Just because a news story doesn’t take over your heavily filtered social media timeline, it doesn’t mean the journalists aren’t doing their jobs.

“You’re Too Young To Think About Your Career”

At what age is it ‘acceptable’ to start thinking about your career? I recently had the chance to really ponder about this question after seeing this really questionable tweet online. He’s a distant friend, and I know he does not have a terrible moral compass or a superiority complex. In fact, we talked fairly often back in the day, but still, I felt the need to stand up for the person he was referring to, even though I have no idea who she is, and at the same time, express my thoughts on this whole “you’re too young to think about your career” mindset. For context, the person who posted the first comment is currently in Secondary Four, while my friend who posted the second comment has recently graduated from Secondary School. In short, both of them are about 15-16 year-olds. Besides the totally rude and uncalled-for comment, what irked me the most was this particular line: “The point is, this should not be a very big concern at this stage”. That is the problem. It should be a big concern at this stage. …