About Me (and my blog)

Lhu Wen Kai is a Singaporean multimedia artist, pianist, and entrepreneur.

He is currently the managing director of Dotted Oranges, a music marketing agency helping the likes of Lary Over, Rauw Alejandro, and The Chainsmokers grow their music.

In 2015, Lhu’s piano mashup beat Alan Walker’s Faded to top the Singapore Viral 50 charts, becoming the youngest ever musician to top a Spotify chart with a pure instrumental.

He is an Apple Certified Professional and has been helping multinational companies like Chewy, Declout, and Beachbody produce marketing assets since 2013. He held his first solo exhibition Facade, The Back Alley Collective back in 2015.

To find out more about my work in detail, click here.

I love food.

The teams I support includes Arsenal, the Netherlands national team, and the Phoenix Suns.

In my free time, I like playing the piano, watching TV dramas and just chilling in a quiet place and be alone with my thoughts. My favorite shows include F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Burn Notice, The Mentalist, Two Broke Girls, Mind Your Language, Prison Break, Hawaii Five 0 and less serious ones like Kickin’ It, Shake It Up, Lab Rats, and the mind-numbingly brilliant Teen Titans.

No one can survive without music, and for me personally, I prefer oldies like Michael Learns To Rock, Air Supply, Alabama, The Coasters, and a long list that I simply cannot remember. I tune in to mandopop pretty often, and I count David Tao, Khalil Fong, Chang Chen-yue, Wang Leehom, Jay Chou, Christine Fan, Angela Zhang, and many others as my favorite, multi-talented singers. Besides that, I love jazz, blues, 80s music, rock and roll, love ballads, reggae, country, and well, how do you put this, hmm… High School Musical and Phineas and Ferb.



Lhu is a personal space for me to practice my writing and pen my thoughts down. You’ll find a variety of articles here; from food and lifestyle, to humor, opinion pieces and commentaries on current affairs. For simpler navigation, I grouped my articles in their respective categories, so click on whatever that interests you on the menu above. If you enjoy reading my content, do sign up for the monthly newsletter at the sidebar on the left!

Besides blogging, Lhu also acts like a portfolio and an online ‘hub’ for all my activities. It’ll give my readers and potential clients a more convenient way to keep up with my work and content.

This blog was originally set up in Jan 2013 as an outlet for me to share my views and thoughts on school life. It has since grown into something I totally didn’t expect (in a good way tho). For those who are interested, here are some quick stats:

  • Majority of Lhu’s viewers (90%) are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Singapore.
  • Between December 2014 – April 2015, during which ten posts were published, Lhu averaged over 1,500 unique visitors daily. 
  • Every article published since December 2014 has been read by over ~24,500 people on average. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for visiting and making my blogging journey such an enlightening one. I got to experience things many people can only dream of, and a large part of it is made possible by you guys, the faithful readers. Lhu is a blog that prides itself with original content and unpopular opinions, and for the foreseeable future, I will strive to continue expanding this blog without compromising on quality and creative integrity.

Now that you’ve learnt more about me and my blog, I hope you’ll have pleasant stay here at Lhu. Feel free to roam around, read my articles, tell me what you think, leave comments about my designs, feedback, offer your opinions, perspectives, whatever. There’s no red tape here.

If you need to contact me for any reasons, you can do so here.


  1. Love the way you articulate your thoughts! Very well written and talented for both words and visuals! You’re amazing despite your young age. Rooting for you! :D

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  3. love the content :D plus the design is like a cherry on the top :D
    hope to hear from you too :D
    happy blogging :D
    you’ll definitely see me more often :D
    Ayushi <3

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  5. Keve Chen says

    Why do everyone keep talking about foreigner invasions when they are the ones who assisted Singapore in developing into such a beautiful place.
    I would recommend people to read up more about what the positive things foreigners did rather than judging by the few negative foreigner which caused a stir.
    The brains of humans contain a mechanism that is designed to give priority to negative news.
    Be fair guys overall, we’re all humans hanging by the tags which we’re FORCED to have when we’re created, nobody gets to choose the country, environment and culture we’re stuck-ed to.
    What’s in their mind is just to get a penny for a living.

    Sorry i just happen to have had enough of people mentioning about foreigners so i decided to posted this here.

    • Hi Keve! Thanks for commenting. You seem to get the wrong impression here; no one is complaining bout the PRESENCE; people are complaining bout the OVERLOAD. Singapore needs foreigners, but not THIS MUCH. It’s not right when Singaporeans are passed over after the necessity threshold for foreigners is reached. I suggest you read about how foreigners are affecting Singaporeans and their livelihoods, and at the same, read about how the government’s irresponsible immigration policies are affecting the foreign talents themselves :)

      • perrypoh says

        good video, i stumbled upon it on facebook.

        You should have been covered in CNN instead of amos yee… that boy is just disgusting

  6. Celine says

    Dropping over after reading your article at SmartLocal on boutique hostels, because I enjoy the way you write. After reading about you, man, I’m impressed! Such young age with all these achievements!


    (Now, let me go to a corner and think about my life.)

    • Hey Kayley! Really sorry for the late reply, completely lost track of my past comments on the About page. Thanks for nominating me though, really appreciate it :)

  7. ShethP says

    I have a feeling I’m going to love going through your blog! It was interesting getting to know you. Good luck on your blogging journey! :)

    • Hi! Omg I am so sorry for the terribly late reply. I haven’t been keeping track of past comments on my About page! Anyway, thanks so much for your kind words! Wishing you all the best on your journey too as well!

      • ShethP says

        Oh hey, no problem! This gave me the chance to reread your About page – it’s inspiring (though, a bit intimidating :P ).

    • Hi Liz! I must apologise for such a delayed reply. Completely lost track of past comments on my About page! Would like to thank you for nominating me!

    • Hi Ace! Thanks for nominating me, I really appreciate it :) Really sorry for such a late reply. Had lost track of some of the past comments on my About page.

  8. Have you been nominated for the Liebster award previously? I got a nomination myself recently and I was thinking of nominating you. Even though you have multiples more followers than I do ;)

    -The Ace

    • What so if im 16 I cant have kids? Such a presumptious statement… :P anyway thanks for your compliment and stopping by :) I’ll make sure I do exactly that when I still have the time!

  9. Shark Laz0rz says

    You’re specialising already??? Wow, I thought you just started school last week.

    • Haha, not specialising per se. As in, I’m more good and have more experience at what was mentioned, and that was what I meant by specialising.

  10. :) Are you sure you are sixteen?? This is really impressive! I don’t know what to say just keep doing what you’re doing and do it well.

  11. Ha, you have quite an about page! You sure have a lot of interests and a lot to say for someone who is only 16! Your style actually reminds me of my little brother (he just turned 17).
    Lovin it and keep it up! :)

  12. Oh gawd I remember I LOVED watching Teen Titans so much. But I can’t watch them anymore because they just don’t appear on TV for me.

    • I actually cried when Terra couldn’t remember who Beast Boy was… damn. I wanted to rewatch the entire series but now school has started and time is like practically non-existent. Maybe you can try buying them online? It’s really worth it for such a brilliantly-written show haha.

    • Hey mikiren! Sorry for the late, late, late reply I have lost track of the past comments on my About page. Thanks for nominating me :) Really appreciate it!

  13. Hi, I’ve just a quick question fi you wouldn’t mind – I’m looking to purchasing the Moka theme but was just wondering how you get your posts to sit side by side on your front page. When I preview mine they are just in one big list which doesn’t look very user friendly or inviting? Thank you for your time. Great blog! Keep it up!

    • Hey Danny! Sure thing I wouldnt mind helping you. I’m afraid the instructions will be pretty long, so do you wanna communicate via email instead? Drop me a line on my portfolio page and I’ll get back to you :) take care!

  14. Fat & Happy Bitch says

    Hahaha! I’ve thoroughly and sincerely enjoyed reading this page! And wow, you sure do know how to do A LOT of stuff! :).

  15. Hi Honey,

    I think it is quite possible that you have the coolest pic on WP – J’aime your tux jacket ;-).

    Keep up the slick and stylish blog site!!

    BH xx

  16. Sorry to post this here, but I was trying to clear my reply and apparently deleted your comment as well. I’m so embarrassed. Anyhow. to try and answer your question, my experience is with trees mostly and they start to bud out in March-April. Well at least the ones I grow. It does vary a bit. We’ve had a cold and wet spring this year so I think the trees are confused. :) Its summer there all year round? Thank you again for stopping by and I hope to see you again :)

    • Hey! Really sorry that I never got a chance to answer your comment. Lost track of past comments on my About page. Yeap, it’s summer here all year round, unfortunately. Have a great day ahead!

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  18. Your’e only 16! Amazing writer…you have so much wisdom already. Oh thats right, on Earth exists old souls and you are one of them..Glad I found you.

    • Hi Enissa! Sorry for the late reply, completely lost track of my past comments on my About page. Thanks for your kind words nonetheless. It’s comments like yours that keep me going. Really appreciate it!

  19. Okay, just found out there is actually someone out there who likes Phineas and Ferb songs..By the way my mom thought I kind of lost all the sense I had..as for the past half an hour I have been laughing like a nincompoop reading your posts….

    • Oh you like them too omg, that is awesome. And that’s really a nice thing for you to say glad you recognised my style of humor!

      • Humor is something everyone enjoys.. unless they are my school teachers{their face when I crack a joke >>>> (-_-)} …and me being a person who can’t take the grumpy faces.. your blog is a good time pass….

  20. jiabacarisas says

    You are followed :) I’m crazy about donuts and yoghurt, too. hehe

  21. You are only 16?!? You have so much ambition. I will be interested to hear about your culture as your blog develops further.

  22. I like your style of writing, keep it up, ah yeah, I always have a little moment of anger when I realise I cannot complete my rants on twitter xD Your now followed ^.^

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