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And All These Little (Irritating) Things

Isn’t it irritating when you follow a blogger but he doesn’t post consistently? Urgh. Totes annoying.

Anyway, school has been pretty hectic thus far, with assignments and projects a plenty. There’s so much rushing, travelling and discussing among other things that time nowadays is pretty much like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar.

Non-existent. I can only find some once in a while.

But I really felt the need to blog, so throughout the month I wrote down the things that has been irritating me. I listed 15 of them and thrown in a couple of real-life stories/experiences in there, so hopefully ya’ll can relate to my pet peeves.

1. Macaron vs Macaroon


Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets annoyed when someone can’t get the difference between a macaroon and a macaron. Besides the obvious vowel distinction, they look and taste totally different, like meatballs and horse meat.

Oh wait.

2. The Lane Shuffle.

I’m pretty sure everybody finds the lane shuffle irritating.  You’re approaching someone, and when both of you are about to hit first base, ya’ll decide to move the same way. And when you try to rectify your error by moving in the other direction, he or she follows suit as well.  Then after looking at each other for a few seconds, ya’ll will offer the other person to walk first, and he or she will do the same. So, after pausing for a bit, you decide to take up the offer, only to realise that he or she has the exact same thoughts, and you start to get a bit giddy from all the intense movement.

Now, that’s what I called Dancing With The Stars.

 3. Nevermind.

Don’t say something and then tell me “nevermind” when I ask you to repeat yourself.


4. When someone pretends to know something.

Nothing bugs me more than someone pretending to know something. They’re worse than arrogant people because they do not actually have anything to be cocksure about in the first place. They ramble on and on about things they think no one knows enough about, like Kim Kardashian marrying Kris Humphries because of true love.

Get my point?

5. When there’s nothing in the fridge.

I think one of the most demoralising things in life is when you approach your fridge and realise that there’s absolutely nothing for you to feast on after you’ve opened it.

6. People who are watching you sext, err, I mean text.

This happens a lot on public transport doesn’t it? It kinda irks me more than the public transport per se, and it hasn’t even broken down yet.

7. When you can’t control your farts.

There was this one time in primary school where I failed miserably to cover up a fart. We were in the computer lab, sitting on the floor and listening to a teacher talk. Out of nowhere, I let out this high-pitched, screechy, sound that sounded like a fart.

Maybe because it was one.

And the two closest girl-friends (in fact I was crushing on one of them) that I hanged out with very often were sitting behind me, giggling and laughing behind my back. I presumed they finally saw their reflections in the mirror and so I went ahead and ignored them (haha not really. They’re probably two of the most beautiful and amazing girls I’ve met in my life).

At the end of the lesson, we got up, and they greeted me with grins larger than my embarrassment. They asked me if I farted, and being the young, honest gentleman that I am, I denied vehemently and told them I accidentally scrubbed my shoe across the surface of the floor (which was actually a logical and feasible explanation, because when I tried that later, it did sounded like a fart).

I forgot whether they believed me or not.

It was hard to think without any dignity.

8. When people can’t stop posting their selfies on Instagram.

The selfie trend is actually a really intriguing topic and social issue that has take on some real significance in the past year or so. While I personally have no issues against people Lo-fi-ing the shit out of themselves, it gets irritating (and I’m sure I speak for everyone) when you start flooding my timeline with 10 consecutive images of yourself that’s essentially taken from the same angle.

If only there was something like a, erm, button that stops them from appearing on your feed. A erm… unfollow button or something.

(Now go to my Instagram @wenkai31 and like all my photos. Thanks.)

9. When your assignment deadline/test gets postponed.

No, getting an extension isn’t necessarily a good thing. At least not when you’ve studied really hard, or stayed up really late to rush those 3 year-old assignments the night before. As a student, while I love an occasional postponement or two to slack off a li’ll, I hate those that I genuinely prepared to avoid. It’s a tragedy really.

I think the only way to properly fathom the intense heartbreak and crushing feelings you’ll get when this happens is to watch the England national team in the World Cup.

There was this once when my teammates and I were supposed to shoot a short film for our mid-sem assessment. We opted to shoot later than the rest and as the editor, I had to rush out the video thru the night. By the time I had finished, it was 6 in the morning. I’ve just worked for 12 hours straight. I caught about 10 mins of sleep before I got ready to leave the house. I arrived 15 mins before time, only to be greeted by an empty lecture hall and told that the lecture that day was cancelled.

That was the lowest point of my life.

10. When you’re in a long queue and you’re given coins by the cashier.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels intense pressure when you’re paying for something and a long snaky queue is behind you and the cashier hands you your change in coins and notes and you’re struggling to keep your money into your wallet and it feels like a thousand pair of eyes are watching you and then you fail miserably and you stumble and walk away in a heap of shame.


Pardon my poor grammar and sentence structure btw.

That didn’t make any, cents, did it?

11. When you try to be serious but ends up smiling.

Gosh how irritating is this?

12. When you give someone your food and they end up eating a huge chunk of it.

There was this once when my friend asked me for a bit of my Subway cookie and she ended up biting half of the damn cookie off. So, like floppy disks, mySpace, and photo albums that aren’t on Facebook, our friendship’s in the past now.

13. When you hear/remember a song but you just can’t remember the title.

It kinda pisses me off slightly when I’m casually shopping/walking around and I hear this really amazing song that I can’t seem to recall the title of no matter how much I put my mind to it.

And Shazam chooses not to work.

It’s even more irritating when the song used to be one of your favorites and you had it on pretty much the whole damn time. I’ll just be really distracted and end up losing focus in everything I do till I remember the name of the song.

14. When you forgot what you

15. Bojio.

In Singapore, the term, bojio, is thrown around for the very same reason why SMRT decides to raise their transport fares.

For no reason at all.

There’ll always be someone on hand to comment bojio on every tweet, Facebook post, and Instagram photo. Why? Exactly the same reason why SMRT decided that getting buskers to perform inside their stations takes higher priority than preventing another breakdown.

For no reason at all.

And the unbearable part is when the poster replies something along the lines of “We did invite you!” and they reply with some fake, pretentious answer like oh, how they didn’t pay attention, how they were busy, how they were tired etc.

Seriously?  Can I offer you my congratulations?



For no reason at all.

Tell me in the comments section below, what’s one thing that just simply irks you to the point of no return?

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  1. This was really interesting! Though no.2 is more embarrassing & awkward than irritating to me. I can relate to 4-7,9,11,14. No.8 only really irritates me when they put a selfie of themselves with a quote that has nothing to do with it.
    To me again 10 is embarrassing. More like the counter person stares at you when you fumble. That was me trying to take out my money on Saturday.
    It irritates me when people asks for food. MY FOOD. And when you give them one piece everyone wants one and you end up with only 1 for yourself.

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