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The Real Irony Behind Trump Jr’s Skittles

I don’t comprehend the backlash that followed Trump Jr’s Skittle comments, I really don’t. I really don’t, because in my opinion, the concern he raised has never been more pressing, and the massive backlash generated because of it is immensely stupid in the grand scheme of things.


Donald Trump and his family have made far more questionable remarks over the past year, and yet the media choose to create a brouhaha over this one, valid analogy?  The U.S. has just, surprise surprise, bombed Syria yet again, Hillary is picking a fight with Putin, and Charlotte is on fire, literally, but no, let’s talk about rainbow candy!

The whole idea of the Skittles metaphor was to simplify a complex, politically incorrect situation and turn it into something your average joe would understand. Do we refuse refugees to protect our country’s people, resources and infrastructure, or do we, for “humanity’s sake”, let them in, but fall prey to their potentially barbaric behaviors?

Europe’s ultra-liberal stance on migration has been thoroughly abused by the economic migrants, which makes up 60% of those allegedly seeking refugee status. According to the EU’s Vice President Frans Timmermans, those very people are not “fleeing war or persecution”, but are merely motivated by “economic reasons”. In order to help those genuinely affected by the cruel and mindless conflicts, these people must be turned back immediately, but instead, they have blended into their ‘squad’, into the Syrian masses seeking for asylum, masquerading as people who are troubled and in the process, taking the place of a refugee who actually requires the help. A country’s first priority is to take care of its own citizens and their needs, and should never compromise its supply for people who generate unwarranted demands.

There’s also a proven track record of refugees’ overall failure to assimilate into their ‘host countries’. According to the German police force, they committed 108,000 crimes in 2014, more than 200,000 crimes in 2015, and just the first three months of 2016 alone, they’ve committed nearly 70,000 crimes or would-be crimes. In England, they’ve just arrested 900 Syrian refugees for rapes and child abuses. In Sweden, apparently, sexual assaults have gone up by 500% since their socialist government further opened their borders. And to top it all off, 31% of Syrian refugees support ISIS, according to a poll conducted by the Arab Centre for Research and Public Policy Studies.

Leaving the statistics aside, which some might argue are unreliable, let’s consider some of the warnings various high-ranking people have dished out, to, well, varying degrees of controversy:

  • Education minister Elias Bou Saab warned David Cameron sometime back that as many as 2% – one in 50 – of the Syrian refugees could be “radicals” and “potential terrorists sent by ISIS”, which he said would be “more than enough” to cause problems. Mind you, this minister is from the Middle East himself – Lebanon, to be specific.
  • Pope Francis warns of the same thing, saying that “ISIS terrorists could infiltrate Europe by hiding among refugees”, and that “territorial security conditions are not the same as they were in other periods (of mass migration)”.
  • Hans-George Maassen, Germany’s head of domestic intelligence, also said that “(their national security agency) repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped into (Germany) camouflaged or disguised as refugees.”
  • Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov told Angela Merkel that her open-door policy, while humane, was a “complete failure” in dealing with the refugee crisis.

And you know who else confirmed this fact? ISIS themselves.

  • “Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nations’ generosity towards refugees to infiltrate Europe.” – / BuzzFeed

For most people, these are the quotes and statistics you don’t see on your social media timelines, which are predominantly filled with neo-liberal sites, overly-compressed snarky Tumblr screenshots, one-minute summary videos cherry picking facts to pass off as news, and probably bogus feel-good social justice causes. Facebook’s overwhelmingly leftist algorithm probably censored most of them anyway. Forgive the Trump offspring for alluding to this inconvenient truth. It is only right that a country protects its own people first, and with all these threats, all these warnings by prominent world figures, all these cold, hard numbers to back things up, to allow all the refugees in without even an ounce of consideration flirts with borderline insanity.

So, while all these media outlets, backed by Hillary Clinton herself (but that’s none of my business), who desperately wants Trump to lose and will stop at nothing to smear his image, they then go around parading his valid, albeit insensitive and uncomfortable, meme, giving it the mainstream attention that Trump Jr. (remember, this was not Trump – it was his son) would never have garner himself. So all of a sudden, instead of hardcode rednecks and Trump fanatics, or as Hillary likes to call them – basket of deplorables – latching onto his usual antics, you have millions of neutral voters, or those who are potentially voting for Trump, exposed to that very tweet! That is simply the most absurd thing I’ve observed from this wholly ridiculous circus.

Do you liberal media folks want Trump to lose, or do you want him to win?

The Syrian refugee crisis is a real, pressing situation that needs to be discussed greater in-depth, but all these netizens, fuelled on by their disdain for Trump, rather let their prejudice about a person get in the way of talking about this dire humanitarian issue. You claim you care about the refugees, about the people suffering from the war, so how about we sit down, remove our heads from the sand, make ourselves some coffee and brainstorm about how we can separate the genuine asylum seekers, those who legitimately need the help, from those who are here to cause trouble, to misbehave, and, in a worse-case scenario, to bomb the country in the name of a four-letter acronym.

Or would you rather hold up your placards, demonstrate in the streets, riot like cavemen, overlay your Facebook profile picture with flags, light up your national monuments in three colors and hold superficial candlelight vigils when such incidents happen? Shouldn’t we be preventing the threats from happening in the first place? I am not suggesting a blanket ban for all refugees, especially those escaping from war-torn areas, but when you have these refugees, or rather, economic migrants, committing crime on a disproportionately high scale, national security officials warning you that there are terrorists among the refugee ranks, and refugees themselves declaring their allegiance to a bunch of complete psycho-lunatics, you listen.

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I’ve also noticed that this is the first Trump-related meme I’ve come across where the people who are against it, don’t even bother to come up with the statistics to refute Trump Jr’s analogy. You’d see people fanatically pulling out stats from all sorts of sources re Trump’s other loco remarks, but this? No… people would rather diss Trump and talk about “how we shouldn’t compare Skittles to refugees”. The comparison is somewhat insensitive, I’ll admit, but this is an all-too-valid concern, and one which the stats actually back.

There is no “oh, you can’t post this Trump, it’s factually wrong”. This time round, it’s all “oh, you can’t post this Trump, we don’t like it. It offends us”. We can disagree with our interpretation of situation, we can argue about the ethical dilemmas all night long, but to see people dismissing the image just because it was “from Trump” highlights a pertinent problem among people today. We need to encourage more discourse to solve an issue that’s only going to get worse. The problems that these refugees bring, they are very, very real. They are not some far-right racist drivel manufactured to terrify the population into action. These troublemakers are real, and these troublemakers, arriving by the thousands, do not “come in peace”.  By simply sprinkling sugar on bull and calling it candy, we would just be proving Trump’s “people are too soft and politically correct” rhetoric right. If we are not able to be civilised about such issues and would prefer to agree or disagree with it depending on our view/preference of the person making the comments, then how can we expect things to improve, regardless if a Republican or Democrat holds office?

When people get offended over rainbow-colored confectionary, it’s little wonder ISIS sees the West as an easy target.

The only thing people should rightfully chastise Trump Jr. for, is him illegally using the image of a bowl of Skittles in his meme. You would think Trump Jr., a guy worth $150m, would have the decency (and the financial capabilities) to actually license the photo before using it for something as significant as a Presidential election. Jesus Christ mate, show some love for us creative folks…

While we’re at the topic of stealing, remember, when his wife, Melania, was caught plagiarising, Trump openly celebrated the amount of attention his wife’s questionable behavior have brought to his campaign.

He even turned the whole incident into a shrewd jab at Hillary, diffusing the situation while generating even more coverage for pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards. 

And now, when this happens, the media who desperately want Trump gone choose to make an issue out of this comparatively mild statement his son has made, and present it to million of voters whom will most likely agree with his comments! And yet, these are the very same news outlets who consistently label Trump as “stupid”!

Again, I am utterly confused. Do we want to avert a Trump presidency, or do we want him to become the most powerful man in the world, because the media is playing right into his hands right now.

Just a quick reminder, we’re not dealing with the irrelevant, 14-18 y.o. demographic who are too young or insecure to develop thoughts on their own, eventually caving in to peer pressure and groupthink. We’re not dealing with youths flaunting their liberal arts degree, crying for safe spaces, advocating for nonsensical social causes and falling to the ground like the special snowflakes they think they are.

We’re dealing with an adult population that’s mad, angry and frustrated with the system. The blatant corruption, the corporate greed, and in this instance, the potential influx of Syrian refugees into America. These aren’t people who would jump on anti-Trump bandwagons just because it’s ‘hip’, or because their co-workers will ostracise them if they voiced out their real thoughts. Do they really think, for one moment, that the biased, hatred-filled commentaries on Skittle-gate will sway these very voters away from Trump? If anything, it’s only going to garner more support for him.

With this kind of dull-witted thinking and strategy, it’s no wonder the Democrats have to rig their elections to allow Hillary to win.

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  2. I haven’t told others this because they’ll probably lash out at me or something, but I’m glad you wrote this post because the things you said were so true and I agree with them. Especially about the part with the refugees. Society’s made it out that you’re a horrible person for not taking on refugees, human rights i know, but protecting your own country is important too. You let in a terrorist by accident, they manage to plant a bomb? When will they learn.

    • You put the societal mindset right now nicely into words! A lot of this has got to do with people being misinformed by the statistics – I think it’s quite hard for people to against these refugees when they’re constantly bombarded with a) how nice they are and b) how devastated their countries are, and not bombarded with videos of how a) destructive the “fake ones” can be (rapes, riots, looting, distrubing of peace etc.) and b) the statistics of terrorists infiltrating into Europe right now. I just hope in time to come, people would be able to realise the truth and stop the mess right now from transcending into further tragedy.

      • Very true. However so many incidents have already happened, and many people do know about it, yet they still don’t want to change. Yes, human rights are important, but when they try to be kind, they cause the lives of even more people. I hope it’ll change, but I doubt it’ll happen soon because of political reasons. It’s hard for the government to implement a choice that’ll create riots and possibly cost them to be voted out next time round.

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